Friday, August 1, 2008

The Harbinger

The populace slept and dreamed of darkness; the light of a million stars extinguished in a careless moment of God's inattention.

And in their dreams of darkness the seed was planted and quickened, springing forth to take the form of a man.

Arising, awakened from the sleep of ten thousand centuries, The Harbinger walks the streets of the city.

He brings with him the spark of Reckoning, igniting the dreams and nightmares of the people.

Burning through the city, the Prophecies are revealed and the people look to The Harbinger.

He says nothing, knows nothing, moving as a shadow with no malice in his heart.

He is not Savior or Demon, merely the one who turns the Wheel at the End of Days.


Barbara said...

Well done! It gave me goose pimples to read the description of the harbinger....

Stephanie said...

ooooohh that is chiling and exciting at the same time. Wow!

kazumiwannabe said...

Fascinating picture and words! It makes me think of a kind of urban shamanist dream... Love it anyway!

Alan said...

Enjoyed it